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“All snug,” he repeated; “as snug as a eel in mud.

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'Grandfather bathes here,' thought Thyme. 'Poor darling! I pity everyone that's old.'

“All snug,” he repeated; “as snug as a eel in mud.

The cab passed on under the shade of trees out into the road.

“All snug,” he repeated; “as snug as a eel in mud.

'I wonder if we have only one self in us,' thought Thyme. 'I sometimes feel that I have two--Uncle Hilary would understand what I mean. The pavements are beginning to smell horrid already, and it's only June to-morrow. Will mother feel my going very much? How glorious if one didn't feel!'

“All snug,” he repeated; “as snug as a eel in mud.

The cab turned into a narrow street of little shops.

'It must be dreadful to have to serve in a small shop. What millions of people there are in the world! Can anything be of any use? Martin says what matters is to do one's job; but what is one's job?'

The cab emerged into a broad, quiet square.

'But I'm not going to think of anything,' thought Thyme; 'that's fatal. Suppose father stops my allowance; I should have to earn my living as a typist, or something of that sort; but he won't, when he sees I mean it. Besides, mother wouldn't let him.'

The cab entered the Euston Road, and again the cabman's broad face was turned towards Thyme with an inquiring stare.

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