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into a deep leather-covered arm-chair. Almost immediately

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"He will not dare to cross the borders of my state, for he knows he will be court-martialled as a deserter. But I am convinced that he is a bold adventurer, he has boasted that he will defy me, that is certainly what no one has done before him, and what no one will do after him, but it will rest there, you may believe me."

into a deep leather-covered arm-chair. Almost immediately

Baron Weingarten bowed silently. The king continued, with an engaging smile.

into a deep leather-covered arm-chair. Almost immediately

"However, monsieur, I owe you many thanks, and it would please me to have an opportunity of rewarding you."

into a deep leather-covered arm-chair. Almost immediately

Until this moment, Weingarten had been standing with bowed head, he now stood erect, and his eye dared to meet that of the king.

"Sire," he said, with the noble expression of offended innocence, "I demand and wish no other reward than that you may profit by my warning. If the fearful danger that threatens your majesty is averted through me, that will be my all-sufficient recompense. I must decline any other."

The king smiled approvingly. "You speak emphatically, and it appears that you really believe in this danger. Well, I thank you only as that is your desire. I will respect your warning and guard myself from the danger that you believe threatens me, but to do that, and at the same time to convince ourselves of Trenck's evil intentions, we must observe the most perfect silence in this whole affair, and you must promise me to speak of it to no one."

"Sire, secrecy appeared to me so necessary, that I did not even communicate it to Baron Puebla, but came to your majesty on my own responsibility."

"You did well, for now Trenck will fall unwarned into the trap we set for him. Be silent, therefore, upon the subject. If you should ever have a favor to ask, come to me with this tabatiere in your hand. I will remember this hour, and if it is in my power will grant you what you wish."

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